CBSE Circulars

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national-level education board in India for numerous private schools and public schools. The Indian Union Government operates the board. Apart from the educational institutes in India, there are CBSE-affiliated schools in 28 other countries.

For such institutes and their stakeholders, the board releases various annual circulars related to examination, admission, stakeholder information, scholarships, finance, affiliation, skill education, SOPs, etc. All these circulars are made available on the official websites.

CBSE Circular Portal

CBSE circular portals are the websites designated to provide valuable circulars for the people. One of the significant portals among them is SARAS.



SARAS stands for School Affiliation Re-Engineered Automation System. This innovative CBSE affiliation system has been re-engineered to ensure greater effectiveness in affiliations. The system is entirely digital system and requires very less human intervention. This online affiliation system into effect in March 2021.


How to Access SARAS?

For the affiliation process, a user has to visit the SARAS official website  and follow the steps provided for new affiliation/updation. The website also provides valuable information regarding application statistics, the list of affiliated schools, and so on.


CBSE Circular official site

CBSE releases various circulars each year on its official websites. Such circulars are committed to empowering education and facilitating the smooth administration process of educational institutes.

The official website of CBSE is &

Some important links associated with CBSE circulars are provided here:





Types of Circulars

The CBSE board issues circulars from time to time and are associated with various aspects of education, including administration, finance, and examinations. Here is a list of the major circular types, along with some helpful links associated with them:


Academic Unit Circulars

The academic circulars are focal points for education and academics. They empower the complete teaching and learning process.


Affiliation Unit Circulars

Affiliation circulars are helpful for various affiliation aspects like the enrolment of schools, guidelines for book selection, and so on.


Examination Circulars

CBSE releases important notifications, circulars & SOPs related to examinations on their official websites. This includes various elements like admission, attendance, passing criteria, etc.


Finance Circulars

Finance circulars are associated with financial aspects like advances, budgets, fee payments, financial power, taxes, and so on.


Skill & Training Circulars

The department of skill education releases circulars regarding qualifications, appointments, skill subjects, scheme of studies, etc.


Miscellaneous Circulars

Circulars related to miscellaneous activities like scholarships, competitions, important dates, etc are published under miscellaneous circulars.

List of circulars related to students

Change of subject


The circulars are associated with the change of subjects for students studying in Class X or XII on various grounds. As per the scheme, both classes X and XII is two year

course, students be counselled to offer those which they would like to continue later, for which provisions exist in the Examination Bye-laws.


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